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From Tired, Burnt-Out Lawyer to Online Business Owner - Learning to Give Yourself Permission Through Self-Doubt, Comparison and Questioning “Am I Capable?” 🎬 Law Chat With Girjia Patel, J.D.

May 3, 2022


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Today is PART 1️⃣ of an interview that I did with Girija B. Patel, J.D. Girija is a business lawyer, online business owner, podcaster, mom and wife! She makes business law easy and stress-free for business owners and entrepreneurs by breaking down intimidating (but important!) law topics into understandable bits and implementable tasks. Today you're gonna hear Girjia's inspiring journey! Be sure to stay tuned for PART 2️⃣, we're gonna dive into the importance of having an LLC as an entrepreneur! 

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